DrugSearch Encyclopedia

2CB  Ibogaine
4-MTA  Injecting
Abstinence  Kava kava
Acid house  Ketamine
Addict  Khat
Addiction  Legal highs
Addictive personality  Legalisation
Alcohol  Liver
 Amphetamines  Lofexidine
 Anabolic steroids  Lungs
 Analgesic  Magic mushrooms
 Antidepressants  Major tranquillisers
 Antipsychotics  Mandrake
 Barbiturates  Mandrax
 Benzodiazepines  MAOIs
 Beta-blockers  Mephedrone
 Betel nut  Mescaline
 Benzo Fury  Methamphetamine
 Brain  Methedrone, methadrone
and methylone
 BZP  Methoxetamine
 Cacti  Modafinil
 Caffeine  Morning glory
 Cannabis  MPA
 Cathinone  Naloxone
 Chaotic use  Naltrexone
 Chasing the dragon  Naphyrone
 Cocaine and crack  Needle fixation
 Comedown  New pyschoactive  substances
 Craving  Nitrites
 Nitrous oxide
 Crystal meth  Nutmeg
 Dance drugs  OTC drugs
 Dance safety  Overdose
 Datura  PCP
 Dealing  Peer pressure
 Deaths  PMA
 Dependence  Polydrug use
 Depressants  Pregabalin
 Designer drugs  Pregnancy
 Detoxification  Prevention
 Diconal  Problem drug use
 DMT  Prozac
 DOM  Psychedelic
 DPT  Purity
 Driving  Recreational use
 Drug  Rohypnol
 Drug abuse or misuse  Salvia
 Drug interactions  Sedative
 Drug laws  Set
 DTs  Setting
Dual diagnosis  Skunk
Ecstasy  Soft drugs
Endorphins  Solvents
Ephedrine  Spice
Ergot  Synthetic cannabinoids
Flashbacks  SSRIs and SNRIs
Gabapentin  Stimulants
GHB  Testing
Golden crescent  Tobacco
Golden triangle  Tolerance
Hallucinogenic  Tranquillisers
Hard drugs  Viagra
Harm reduction  Withdrawal
Heroin and other opiates

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